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La Gaditana is about artisan and organic foods from Andalucia, Spain and introducing the farmers that produce these foods directly to the public. All our farmers only farm by artisan methods and organically. Their farms are small family-run businesses and they manage them in a way that respects the land, their livestock and plants, which they do with love and a real passion. When we first had the idea of La Gaditana we spent over a year visiting small farmers and producers across Andalucia, from Almeria to Cadiz, choosing to work with the ones that we really felt shared our thoughts on organic and artisan farming. Our aim is to make La Gaditana a window into their world, to increase the public awareness of their farming methods and their products, and to introduce the farmers directly to you, so that you can know exactly where your purchases are coming from.

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Working together

We share this planet with other people and other life. For us organic farming is about banning any artificial fertilisers and pesticides but, just as important, it is about thinking beyond ourselves and living by the laws of nature. It is about community balance and how we treat the land and each other. What is important to us is the welfare of the land, plants and animals, the farmer getting a fair price and our customers enjoying truly organic, earth-conscious foods.We know all the farmers and producers we work with very well and they have become real friends. Their work is important to their families, for their village and town communities and for the future of this true approach to organic farming.

  • Jamones Carija

  • viña greduela

    Jerez de la Frontera
  • Oleum Viride

    Zahara de la Sierra
  • El bosqueño

    El bosque
  • Aceitunas Chicón

    Antequera, Málaga
  • Real Rubio

    D.O. La Rioja

Iberico Ham

A true delicacy

Iberico Ham comes from the Iberian pig. The main features of the Iberico Bellota Ham that distinguishhis quality are derived from the purity of the breed of animals, breeding in extensive freedom of Iberian pig in wooded pastures where they can move, feed and cure the Iberico Ham, which is usually extend between 8-36 months...

ham dish la gaditana
ham acorn jabugo

...The Iberico Ham is distinguished from the rest by its texture, aroma and unique and distinct flavor although the flavor varies with the degree of acorn has eaten the pig, and exercise he has done. Our pigs grow in the mountainous region of Cádiz by feeding on acorns in a free natural environment. In terms of our “Secaderos”, these are located in Huelva (Andalucía), in the Denomination of Origin Jabugo. Where the perfect conditions of moisture and air for proper curing of Iberico Ham are given.

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Wine and Sherry

Best in company

Our winery was founded in 1931 and has since been doing the work of producing quality wines. The systems used for winemaking has changed overtime but never forgetting the traditional methods. We try to keep the origin of the wine making it by old methods, getting a small but a really high quality prodction. While preserving the environment and taking care of our fields with no use of chemical products or processings that could damage our beautiful lands or amazing biodiverity. Our production fields are located in southern Spain, Jerez de la Frontera, where we produce our wines and Sherrys. This is a privileged for having both a suitable climate for growing olives and centenary vines, due to the number of hours of sunshine a year where we already have the experience of several generations who have...

wine grapes
wine viña greduela
wine glass

...been pursuing these activities to get the best Sherrys as Fino, Oloroso, Cream or Pedro Ximenez (P.X.).

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Olive Oil

The liquid gold

The Sierra de Cádiz has been and is traditionally an olive producing area and magnificent oils. Broad historical background, dating from the eighteenth century, where the quality and exquisite flavor oils locations as Olvera, Algodonales, Alcalá del Valle, Zahara de la Sierra..., belonging to the Sierra de Cádiz...

olive oil spanish
olive oil la gaditana
olive oil ground

...Our main Olive Oil comes from the kind Olive “Acebuchina”, it grows wild and the production is quite small due to the size of the Olives. Normally it is necessary between 4-5 kilos of olives to get 1 L of Oil but in the case of the “Acebuchina” You´ll need 12-14 kilos of Olives to get 1 L. All of our Oils are Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cold Press) and Organic because we like to work always using natural procedures and taking care of the environment and the huge biodiversity of Cádiz.

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Plenty of choices

In “El Bosque”, located in the northeast of the province of Cádiz, within the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, favored by its geographical configuration has existed since ancient times a cheese tradition carried out by the shepherds in the area...

cheese bosqueño
cheese quince

...thanks to the presence relevant place of indigenous livestock such as sheep and goat Payoya Grazalemeña Merino. Animals from which they get the milk for our cheese, recovering traditional local recipes made by our ancestors to delight the palates of our customers. There are a lot of ways to have this kind of cheese, one of the best option is the "Membrillo" (Quince) which has a really sweet flavor. Also, mixing the honey with nuts You can get an amazing tapa with a rich flavor and a crunchy texture.

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